Fences Cleans Up Icon Clutter on Your Desktop

If your desktop is starting to resemble a trash heap and you feel its more or less like an icon wasteland, then 'Jeff Bargmann' of Stardock Corporation has created an elegant solution for you - The Fences 1.0
Stardock Fences Desktop customization Tool
Fences is a FREE desktop customization tool that helps you to organize the icons on your desktop into various shaded icon groupings called Fences' based on their category, making them not only easily accessible but also clutter free.
Fences on Desktop screen
Desktop Organized with Fences
Creating a Fence on your desktop is as easy as it gets, all you have to do is 'Right-click your mouse on the desktop and drag to shape a Fence and then click on the text button that says "Create new Fence here" and name your Fence.Name your new Fence After naming your Fence, just drag and drop your desired icons into that and rearrange the contents by dragging and dropping them around. Also with this simple drag & drop method you can change the location of a Fence on your Desktop, move an icon from one Fence to another, remove icons from a Fence etc.

If you have created too many Fences or any Fence is having too many icons, you can always re-size to condense the Fence window saving the space on your desktop and when it comes to accessing the icons, you can easily find them just by scrolling within it.
scrolling within Fences
After creating your Fences you can configure them by trying different layouts and color combinations provided or use your own customized layout.
configure and Customize Stardock Fences
Configure Stardock Fences

Besides basic features, Fences also has some hidden trick like:
  1. "Double Clicking on the Desktop Screen" enables QUICK-HIDE for all the icons and Fences and you will end up seeing a empty desktop. Double click again to revert to the original position.

    There is also a facility to disable 'QUICK-HIDE' for any particular icon or Fences' by right clicking on it and selecting the item in the shortcut menu that says "Exclude this icon from Fences' quick-hide".
    excluding recycle bin from fences quick-hide
    Exclude from Fences' quick-hide
    With this you can keep them pinned to the screen even after you Double-click on the desktop to make the rest of the icons disappear.
  2. To easily switch between the 'Desktop' and the 'Windows you are working with' press the Key combination: WINDOWS KEY + D
  3. Ability to take a snapshot of your screen, and if you decide to restore it, Fences' will bring back the previous layout.
All-in-all, Fences is a great addition to any Windows PC from XP, Vista to the latest Windows 7. So, do try this Wonderful Desktop Customization tool today and change how you use your desktop forever!

You can download Fences v1.0 for FREE @ Stardock Fences Product Download

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