How Internet Service Providers Take On Bundle Packages

Back in the good (or bad) old days, there was only really British Telecom. As the nation's telecommunications provider, BT had a head start on other ISPs when the internet revolution began. For many years, it was the only option for many internet customers and even when other providers such as Cable and Wireless started popping up, they mainly rented the equipment from BT to provide an internet service.

Glyde - A Faster Cleaner Approach to Online Selling

When you first think of selling things online, your old iPhone, iPod or first generation e-reader start to look like dollar signs. But than you find it more of a pain-in-the-butt than profitable. You've got to clean up your iPod to make it appealing, answer all those buyers questions, and get together all the packaging. And how much should you sell your item for? Will you pay for shipping and handling?