On-Demand Media Streaming Services – A Challenge to Cable Service Providers or An Opportunity

Mainstream traditional television viewing finally has a rival: on-demand media streaming services. The volume of content available to viewers on the internet has increased manifold. With internet speeds improving all the time, the number of people subscribing to this modern means of entertainment is on the rise. In this situation, the cable service providers are in a fix.

While it is evident that the online audience is going to expand in the near future, they are uncertain regarding the impact it will have. Many of them are perceiving on-demand media streaming services as a direct threat. It offers an alternative to the average viewer. Yet, the full implication of this trend for both cable service providers and cable internet providers cannot be gauged until an analysis is made.

How to Explain the Concept of DSL to a Non-Technical Person

It is improbable that you haven't heard about DSL. Ever since broadband internet became popular, DSL has become a commonly used phrase in the cyber world. If you have an internet connection at home, it is likely that you have subscribed to a package from one of the many DSL providers. The fact of the matter is that for the average user, knowing or not knowing the concept of DSL doesn't matter. As long as you have reliable internet connectivity, does it matter to you that it is called DSL or anything else. However, for a non-technical, business person, knowing the concept of DSL is important. There are several business solutions on offer through DSL. If they don't know the extent to which their business would benefit from it, they are going to be apprehensive about using it.