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Android Apps to Perform Pooja on Your Android Device

RamaRao bobby - 6:21:00 PM
Whatever may be the device Android smartphone, tablet or netbook to do pooja in the instrument, Android apps are readily available on Google Play.

Shiridi Sai Baba Pooja

For those of you who like Shiridi Sai Baba very much, to perform Sai Baba pooja every Thursday store Satya Sri Saibaba Pooja App.
Satya Sri Saibaba Pooja App
This pooja app not only lets you perform pooja with flowers but also you can give harathi and ring the bells.

Lord Shiva Pooja

For performing Shiva pooja, get Lord Shiva Pooja App.
Lord Shiva Pooja App
You can celebrate pooja daily changing photos in the gallery. Pressing the harathi you can move it all over the screen and by touching the bell icon you can ring the bells.

Durga Puja

For worshiping Durga Mata, Durga Puja App is available.
Durga Puja App
All the details regarding the app can be obtained as per the menus. You can also know the prasadam preparations at the time of puja.

Murugan Pooja

To get the divine grace of God Murugan, obtain Lord Muruga Pooja App.
Lord Muruga Pooja Android App
Like in all other Pooja Apps, here also flowers, auspicious harathi and bells can be used.
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