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Impact of Technology

The Emotional Impact of Technology On Our Lives

Technology has usually been associated with people who are nerds and have a fascination towards programming languages. However that stereotype has changed over the years as technology has now become an integral part of today’s society with the increase in smartphones, tablets, greater access to high-speed internet and mobile applications. [Continue Reading…]


Computer Mouse Sad Love Story

I really love Computer without a doubt. Once upon a time, if I was not there he felt as if he was left alone and in fact it was I who simplified the use of computers and also increased the attraction of computers, but now he’s behaving such that there [Continue Reading…]

Apple’s iPad Tablets vs. Android Tablets

Most of the smart device owners are thinking, it’s just not a communication device but it shows individuals’ status symbol. So to make easy uses, tablet computing device manufacturers are competing to create more developed devices. Because of its developed operating system, greater functionality, more advanced feature & computing facilities, [Continue Reading…]

Tips to Save Laptop Battery Charge

When we use laptop, one of the most important things we must know about is saving of battery charge and for that we have to follow some primary precautions. There will be applications which run along with the Windows OS in the startup and those will be called startup programs. [Continue Reading…]

HP Chromebook 14 and Samsung Chromebox Overview

The new HP Chromebook 14 is a notebook computer manufactured by Google with the collaboration of HP company. Display screen is 14-inch, resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels and 1.4 GHz Intel celeron 2955U processor has been used. The storage capacity is 16 GB and 100 GB of Google Drive [Continue Reading…]