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What is Poisson Distribution

Just like Binomial Distribution, Poisson Distribution is also a random variable distribution. We apply Poisson distribution in any one of the following cases: n, the number of times that the experiment is conducted is sufficiently large. Occurrence of success is rare. Occurrence of success is frequent. In Poisson distribution, values [Continue Reading…]

What is Phantom Loading

Phantom Loading When a energy meter is designed for high current loads, it is uneconomical to arrange such loads for testing purposes as it involves a considerable waste of time and power. To avoid this problem “phantom” or “fictitious” loading is done. In phantom loading, pressure coil is excited from [Continue Reading…]

Uses of Current Transformer CT

The ranges of an AC ammeter can be extended by using current transformer CT. To measure high currents, CT’s are used in conjunction with measuring instruments. They find wide spread applications in protection circuits of power system for operation of relays. Advantages of CT’s in extending the range are : [Continue Reading…]