Category: Google Plus Starts on Google+ Pages – Add to Your Circles

With the recent introduction of Pages for Google+, businesses and websites started getting their site on Google+ to build relationships and connect better with their customers. This much awaited feature on Google+ comes as a branded version of the normal Google+ with features that help online businesses, organizations, brands, websites [Continue Reading…]

Play CityVille on Google+ Games

CityVille comes as a new addition to the exciting list of games playable on Google’s latest social product – Google+. Developed by Zynga, CityVille currently is the most popular game played on facebook with well over 70 million monthly active users and people playing games on Google+ have been waiting [Continue Reading…]

How to Backup and Download Your Google+ Data Using Google Takeout

Brought to you by The Data Liberation Front, Google Takeout is an excellent service that allows you to backup and download data on your Google products effortlessly in just one click. Using Takeout you can save your data from services like Google Buzz, Google+ Circles and Contacts, Picasa Web Albums, [Continue Reading…]

Google Plus Featured Games

Games on Google+ have arrived of-late and with this move, this much touted and speculated about version of social network is one step ahead of becoming a true rival and competitor to Facebook and its extremely popular games. Now along with Home, Photos, Profile and Circles, you can see Games [Continue Reading…]