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Category: troubleshooting

Troubleshooting tips relating to computers, internet and other tech stuff

Sent An Email Attachment Oe More Time I DARE YOU - Jules Pulp Fiction

Can’t Open Email Attachment? Try Free Opener Software

Can’t open email attachment? Is attachments coming to email in different types of file formats? Is it not known how to open an email attachment file format? The most likely reason that you can’t open email attachment file is because your computer doesn’t recognize the email attachment file as it [Continue Reading…]

C drive low disk space problem

C Drive Low Disk Space Problem Fix

Windows computer C drive space is running out of space day-by-day? The Computer says there is a low disk space problem when you are trying to save or install anything new on that C partition? You do have tried to delete all possible trash files, like temporary files, history files, [Continue Reading…]

Troubleshoot Windows Problems Using Windows Problem Steps Recorder

Whenever there are problems that arise in our system due to virus, malicious software or some other reasons, we look for a solution for that problem enquiring with tech-savvy friends and PC technicians. In Windows 7 and Windows 8 whenever any problem arises, the problem of your system is to [Continue Reading…]

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