Using File2HD Download Any File from Any Website

If you need to download something from a website, but don’t have a clue how to do it, File2HD can help. Whether it’s your favorite YouTube video, MySpace MP3, or a cool style-sheet that you want to use as inspiration, File2HD will deliver it straight to your desktop. Claiming to [Continue Reading…]

Excellent 4-3-3-5 Trick in Notepad

1. Open Notepad and type “what are you doing” without quotesNote: Don’t press enter after typing 2. Save it with your desired name and close it. 3. Now open that Notepad document again….surprise!! You can’t see anything you have just typed, instead you see boxes or symbols.The reason is notepad [Continue Reading…]

Two Simple Tweaks To Make Your Windows PC Run Faster

Here is a tip for quick shutdown :When a user shuts down Windows XP, first the system has to kill all services currently running. Every once in a while the services does not shutdown instantly and windows gives it a chance to shutdown on its own before it kills it. [Continue Reading…]