How to Password Protect Your MS Office Files

This is one of the built-in features in MS-office by which we can secure files from accessing or modifying. Here is how you can access this security feature for Office files:

How to Password Protect MS-Office 2003 Files

  1. From menu bar of your MS-Office file goto Tools–>Options
  2. In that you select Securitytab.
  3. There you get to see the two options “Password to open” and “password to modify”

    As the name suggests ‘Password to open’ prevents unauthorized members to open && ‘Password to modify’ even though allows opening the file prevents to modify the content.

How to Set Password Protection for MS-Office 2007 Files

  1. Click the ‘Office button’ found in the top left corner.
    and go to prepare–>there you can see Encrypt Document or Restrict permission
  2. Select the options that better suits to the security level you need.

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