Twitter Display Pics and Bakgrounds Error

Today when I logged in to my twitter account, I feared someone might have hacked my password as my display picture disappeared and its displaying the default pic, adding insult to the injury after few refreshes if started showing blank pic as in the image below.  twitter error Changed the password first for security reasons (not recommended though) and then uploaded a new profile picture but no use. Hope Twitter will fix it soon. Also all my direct messages have been washed out and its displaying 0 now. With the backgrounds also gone it will be like a naked punishment for all those who are using a background of their own.

twitter over capacityThis might be the effect of heavy traffic on twitter or they might be doing some maintenance on their servers. Moreover, these days I am often getting this weird message “Twitter is Over capacity”. Until Twitter does something to fix it, I think I have to change my log-in times.

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