Popular Utility Softwares for Yahoo Messenger

Here are some of the most useful utility software that can enhance user experience when using the Yahoo! Messenger.

1. Buddyspy
Mainly used to find who is in invisible mode, which chat room he or she is in, whether the person’s webcam is on etc.,
Download Buddyspy

2. Mic Locker
If you need to play music in chat-rooms (or) just want to ‘possess’ the mic? Use a Mic locker for a hassle-free voice chat.

Download Mic Locker

3. Yahoo! Messenger Ad Destroyer 4.1 or Yahoo! Messenger Ad Remover
These utilities can get rid of ALL your Yahoo Messenger advertisements forever! Removes Chat-Room, Web cam, Conference, Change Room and Yahoo Mail ads. Even removes the space provided for ads so that the screen looks larger. One the the best I’ve ever come across!

Download Yahoo! Messenger 9 Beta Ad Remover
Download AdDestroy

4. Deny-a-Buddy
Denying a buddy is a way to remove YOUR name from OTHERS friends list. Deny-a-Buddy Works like a charm to remove Your ID or user name from Other Person’s Messenger List! Made by the Author of JAM, Trolling Around.

Download Deny-a-Buddy

5. Yahoo! Messenger PM Answering Machine
Sometimes you’re busy, sometimes you’re away and other times you’re just not in a mood to receive someone’s annoying PM!! This is where this program proves to be very useful. Using this you can send an automated reply (which you set) to anyone who PM’s you!

Download Yahoo Messenger Answering Machine

6. Y! Blue Stat
It has blue options which will set your status in blue text and black options which will set them in plain black text. It scrolls your text, flashes it, sets it like a regular stat & shows date and time in blue and black colors.

7. Buddy Dubby !
When you change your Yahoo! ID, you have to go through the annoying task of shifting your entire friend list to the new ID, but this small utility will simplify it for you! Just enter the old ID and new ID, and all your friend list will be shifted to the new one.

8. Smiley Utility
Can’t remember the codes for all the ‘hidden emoticons‘? Then this is just for you! This small application sits in the system tray and offers you a list of all 79 YM Smileys when selected. Very useful for avid users of Smileys!

Download Smiley Utility 7.0

Hope this helps… Use the comment section to post other utility software you have been using.

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