3 Most Useful Firefox Addons

Firefox is one of the best and safe browsers which come with bundles of user interactive features. It has key features like tabbed browsing, pop up ad blocking, integrated Google search, thousands of plug-ins and excellent protection.

3 Most Useful Firefox Addons 1

One of the best features of Firefox is its ability to customize the browser completely with a wide variety of available add-ons. There are various Firefox add-ons such as Zemanta, Personas, Video DownloadHelper, ColorZilla, TwittyTunes, FlashGot and many more.

Personas add-ons are free and very easy to install skins for Firefox. This add-on helps the user to change the look of the browser. The user can individualize their browser with numerous artist created designs. This amazing Firefox add-on also offers to create your own design as well as share them with millions of audience worldwide. Check this to know more about Mozilla Labs Personas

Another interesting Firefox add-on Zementa consists of recommendations for the stuff the user writes. It helps to enhance users blogs or e-mails with appropriate images, links, videos or tags while writing. Zementa works automatically with Yahoo! mail, Gmail, Blogger, TypePad and many others.

FlashGot add-on helps to download all the links, movies and audio clips of a page at a maximum speed with just a single click. This most popular Firefox add-on uses the most light weight and reliable external download managers. The collection of Firefox add-ons vary according to categories which include add-ons for Web developers, Music add-ons, Firebug add-ons to name a few. Firefox add-ons for music comprises of add-ons like Lala Control, FoxyTunes, GoMuzik and Music Player Minion.

The best part is that all the Firefox add-ons are available free of cost. Firefox showcases a full range of interesting and useful add-ons that focuses on helping the user to save their time by integrating web services into the browser. These Firefox add-ons point to a future of smarter and better browsers that will be more aware of the patterns and use cases of interacting with online information.

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