Arktan Puts An Arc Across Your Tangential Life On The Web

Arktan is an online service that helps you to keep up to date with blogs, news, photos, videos and other content that your friends are adding on multiple websites such as Blogspot, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc.
Arktan Puts An Arc Across Your Tangential Life On The Web 1
My friends from the Silicon Valley – Sriray & Rahul are the co-founders of Arktan.

Arktan has a very cool and vibrant interface. Its a refreshing change from the blue and white world of Orkut, Facebook and so many other sites. The registration process is very slick. I provided the user name that I commonly use on the Web – ramaraobobby, and Arktan automatically found several of the sites that I use.Arktan Puts An Arc Across Your Tangential Life On The Web 2Arktan seems to be using some kind of semantic search or smart analytics to do this. It did have one glitch as it mistakenly showed Yelp in the list of my sites, but it was easy to skip over.

One of Arktan’s main innovations is the concept of an “Arktan Channel”. An Arktan Channel is a subset of your content organized by your interests.
For example you can see my blogs from Blogspot at –; Bookmarks from Del.ici.ous and StumbleUpon at and get all my twitter updates at

Arktan Channels make it easy and fun to browse content from your friends or just from other users on the site. Your can easily organize your content with these Arktan Channels and share them with your friends or add them to your blogs just by embedding a small piece of code.

If you sign up with Arktan and add me as a friend, you can get weekly or daily email digests with the new content in my Arktan Channels. If you like one of my Arktan Channels, you can add its RSS to your RSS reader. The Channel is automatically updated as the content changes.

Arktan also provides several messaging tools which allow you to post your status updates or comments on your friends’ content. It also has a feature of automatic channel creation based on your tags from twitter, flickr, blogspot. And the innovative thing about it is, if u use a label in blogspot and use the same tag in flickr or twitter, those contents will go into the same channel. Isn’t that cool? There are also several other features on the site which I hope to explore over time.

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