How To Minimize The Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Window To The System Tray

When you minimize your Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 window, like all other programs it will be by default minimized to your task bar and if are running many programs at the same time it would take up space on your task bar and it can be an annoyance. So, it would be better if you can place the minimized Outlook window in your system tray.

This can be achieved from within the system registry by modifying the Outlook settings to place the minimized Outlook icon in the system tray. You can then maximize the program whenever you want by double clicking the icon.
Here is how it can be done:
1. Click Start, click Run… and type regedit or regedt32 and then click OK. This opens your System Registry Editor Window.

run command to open registry editor_regedit_regedt32
Run Command to Launch Windows Registry Editor

2. From the left pane of the Registry Editor window, navigate to the following registry key


Outlook Preferences Registry Key

3. Now, in the right pane create a New > DWORD Value and set its Value name as MinToTray

Create a New > DWORD Value and name it MinToTray

4. Edit the MinToTray DWORD Value just created by double clicking on it (or) right-click to choose modify and change the Value data to 1 in Hexadecimal mode and click OK. Finally Close the Registry Editor.

Edit MinToTray DWORD Value

That’s it!! From now-on-wards whenever you minimize your Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 it will be minimized to an icon into your system tray and if want to disable this setting or re-enable it again, you can do it all from your system tray itself.Microsoft-Office-Outlook-System-Tray-Icon-Hide-When-Minimized-Option
All you have to do is, right click on the minimized outlook system tray icon and select/deselect Hide When Minimized option from the menu.

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