Super Speed Firefox 4 Beta is Here – Find Out Whats New and Interesting

The world’s best browser Firefox has released its all new Firefox 4 Beta with enhanced interface look that is promised to be sleeker and easier to use than ever before. Yippeeee doesn’t that sound like way more fun? It does to me as Firefox is my favorite and default browser of choice that’s not only reliable but also provides scope for personalization with the addition of plethora of useful addons. So, here I am trying out Firefox 4 beta and sharing with you what’s new and interesting @Firefox 4 Beta.
Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 4 Beta with its new interface and innovation includes the following features:

  • Location of the tabs is changed to top of the address bar just like tabs in Google chrome, which gives your tabs top visual priority for efficient and intuitive browsing.
    Firefox 4 Beta Tabs Location Snapshot
  • Feedback Add-on button available in the upper right corner to provide instant feedback at any time.
    Firefox 4 Beta Feedback Add-on Button snapshot
  • Ability to give sites you always would like to keep open a permanent home in your browser with App Tabs feature. Just right click on any tab and select ‘Pin as App Tab’. You can unpin a pinned tab anytime by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘Unpin Tab’.
    Pin as App tab - Unpin Tab
  • Using Firefox Sync you can synchronize your settings, passwords, bookmarks, history, and other customizations across multiple devices and take Firefox with you on the go. To access this feature go to ‘Tools > Set Up Sync…’
    Firefox 4 Beta Sync Setup
  • Organize your tabs into manageable named groups in a fun an visual way by just drag and drop. Go to ‘View > Tab Groups’ (keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+E)
    Firefox 4 Group Your Tabs
  • Add-ons management @ Firefox 4 Beta Add-ons Manager has become a lot easier helping you to discover new options for personalizing your browsing habits. To access add-ons manager go to ‘Tools >> Add-ons (Ctrl + Shift + A)
    Firefox 4 Bets Add-on Manager
  • Approximately 3X faster in start up times, exit times, graphics rendering and page load speed.
  • Support to WebM format so that you can watch open HD quality video from inside your browser window.
  • Crash Protections provides uninterrupted browsing even in cases when plugins like Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight crash or freeze.
  • Can easily ‘Opt Out of Ad Tracking’ that track your online behavior. Just check the box in the ‘Tools >> Options >> Advanced Preferences’ browsing section that says “Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked”.
    Opt Out of Ad Tracking that track your online behavior

Firefox 4 Beta New Interface and Features Preview

The only drawback in using this latest beta versions of Firefox as you might have already guessed is, you can encounter some bugs or broken features and also few of your installed add-ons will be incompatible and get disabled. Nevertheless for all the wonderful features it has to provide, it’s definitely worth giving a try and check it yourself whether it suits your browsing habits or not.

Download Firefox 4 Beta and Try it Yourself
The Firefox 4 Beta supports Mac, Windows and Linux and for mobile phones it’s currently available on Maemo and Android.

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