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With the recent introduction of Pages for Google+, businesses and websites started getting their site on Google+ to build relationships and connect better with their customers. This much awaited feature on Google+ comes as a branded version of the normal Google+ with features that help online businesses, organizations, brands, websites and blogs to grow audience and improve their site’s presence and identity on Google+
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So, I just created a Google+ Page for my ‘Wonderful Tech Stuff’ blog to see how it looks and works. I uploaded my face as the default avatar (profile image) for better personal identity also including the blog banner in the center of scrapbook photos. Here’s how it looks:

Wonderful Tech Stuff Google+ Page

To keep up to date on what’s happening on my blog,
add the Google+ Page to your circles.

As I am willing to communicate with my blog readers and customers on a regular basis through this page, just add us to your Google+ circles and even if I don’t know you, I’ll be adding you back to my circles for sure (no pun intended)!

Thanks You Very Much!! ♥

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