Tips to Stay Cool

The people of India feel the country experiences two seasons, hot and less hot. So with the sun beating down mercilessly and the sweltering heat during the summer months heat cramps, heat exhaustion and Sun stroke are common.

Talking about steps to combat the oppressive heat, doctors are recommending drinking fluid and taking a break every hour or so while at work to ensure that you get fresh air.

Some more tips to stay cool:

  • Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before a long day work place. At least 7-8 hours sleep is recommended.
  • Like resting, eating healthy food will give you the energy to fight off heat exhaustion.
  • If possible, avoid the sun. When stepping out in the sun, apply sunscreen to protect your face. Wear light, loose clothes that cover as much of your skin as possible.
  • Cool showers and swimming may be helpful, but keep away from excessive temperature changes. Never take a shower immediately after any strenuous exercise.
  • Use an air conditioner during summer month, air conditioner also prevents people from developing heat exhaustion and heat stress. There is no ideal temperature to set in air conditioner as long as it feels comfortable. But it is important to ensure the temperature is not too low or you may catch cold.

Whatever it is, it is important to be cool and feel cool!

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