BlazingLead Generates Leads Via Free Content Monetization

BlazingLead is an online service which mainly aims in lead generation via free content monetization. BlazingLead is a connecting-link between an advertiser and a publisher. An advertiser wants to draw traffic of potential customers to his business. A publisher has a web site with free content (music and video files, software…) which attracts visitors and wants to monetize it. is the right place where publishers can exchange something what they have to for something what they want. An advertiser is willing to exchange money to leads (completed surveys of potential customers for example) and a publisher is willing to get payment for web site visitors he has.

The core element of this online service is a special downloader – BlazingDownloader. This software locks the content (mp3, video, software…) download until a user complete an advertiser’s offer. An advertiser gets the access to completed leads in real time. And, of course, BlazingLead takes the commission for that.

Here’s the video which demonstrates how “Advertiser” creates advertisement campaigns

Video demonstrating how “Publisher” monetizes file links with

Demo video on How “User” generates the leads

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