What is Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes is a syndrome (group of diseases) caused due to the disordered metabolism mainly due to hereditary or environmental causes leading to the hyperglycemia state (increase in glucose content in the blood).

Glucose content in the body is regulated by several products but mainly by the insulin which is released from the beta cells of the pancreas. When this glucose content is increased in the body it causes severe complications in the body leading to diabetes and this is due to defective production or defective function of insulin in the body.

There are 3 types of diabetes, they are:

  1. Type 1 diabetes.
  2. Type 2 diabetes.
  3. Gestational diabetes.

The signs of diabetes are excessive production of urine, resulting in intake of more water, thirst, lethargy, blurred vision and giddiness.

All forms of diabetes are having treatments and in the case of type 1 diabetes – insulin is taken in several forms and in the case of type 2 diabetes general diets with oral hypoglycemic drugs and even insulin is also taken. Exercise will help the type 2 diabetes patients in controlling diabetes.

Signs of diabetes are frequent urination, increased thirst and consequent increased fluid intake, and increased appetite. Symptoms of diabetes are weight loss and mental fatigue. In diabetes genetics plays an important role and the pathophysiology of the diabetes include importantly diabetic ketoacidosis. In diabetes kidneys are affected more than anything and diabetic kidney is formed and several problems like diabetic retinopathy and diabetic foot are also very dangerous to the life.

The best way to control diabetes is to prevent it by taking good food as eating more junk food causes the diabetes as told by the research. We can diagnose the diabetes by methods like glucose tolerance tests and people who are diabetic should not take alcohol and should do regular exercises and take food with correct time table and using drugs regularly.

Utmost care should be taken by the diabetic patients in case of diet and wounds as wound healing is very slow in case of diabetics and they should be under the supervision of a physician. As once diabetes occurred this will not be permanently cured rather it should be controlled through out the life carefully.

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