What is Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution is expressed in number of horizontal and vertical picture elements (called pixels) contained in the screen. When the screen resolution is high, greater will be the number of pixels because there are more dots called pixels on each row and there are more rows on the screen and so ultimately more big or detailed is the image on screen. Here in between there’s video display adapters that provides interface between computer and monitor and it transmits the signals that appears as images on the screen.

Here are the display adapters with their screen resolutions and total pixels.

Video Display AdaptersResolution in Pixles (H x V)Total Pixels
Monochrome Display Adapter (MDA)720 × 350 pixels252,000 pixels
Color Graphics Adapter (CGA)320 x 200 pixels64,000 pixels
Video Graphics Adapter (VGA)640 x 480 pixels307,200 pixels
Super Video Graphics Adapter (SVGA)800 x 600 pixels480,000 pixels
Extended Graphics Adapter (XGA)1204 x 768 pixels786,432 pixels

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