30 Useful Browser Shortcuts

In the previous post we have known about the shortcuts being used in Windows and also in text applications like Microsoft Word. Besides these, we should also have the knowledge of keyboard shortcuts which are useful in common web browsing why because, we utilize internet regularly. Here are some of the useful keyboard shortcuts that work for whatever browser is in use – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. If we learn using these shortcut keys, we can get good results faster.

Shortcut Key Description
CTRL + 1-8 Switch to the specified tab.
CTRL + 9 Switch to the last tab.
CTRL + Tab Switch to the next tab.
CTRL + Shift + Tab Switch to the previous tab.
CTRL + W, CTRL + F4 Close the current tab.
CTRL + SHIFT + T Reopen the last closed tab.
CTRL + T Open a new tab.
CTRL + N Open a new browser window.
ALT + F4 Close the current browser window.
Mouse Middle Click on a Tab Closes the tab.
CTRL + Left Click, Middle Click Open a link in a background tab.
SHIFT + Left Click Open a link in a new browser window.
CTRL + SHIFT + Left Click Open a link in a foreground tab.
ALT + Left Arrow (or) Backspace Go back i.e. goes to previous webpage.
‘ALT + Right Arrow’ and ‘SHIFT + Backspace’ Go Forward
Esc Stop loading a webpage.
ALT + Home Open Homepage.
CTRL and + sign Zoom in on a webpage.
CTRL and – sign Zoom out on a webpage.
F11 Full screen mode.
Home To go to the top of the webpage.
End To go to the bottom of the webpage.
CTRL + L (or) ALT + D (or) F6 Focus the address bar so you can begin typing.
ALT + Enter Open the location in the address bar in a new tab.
CTRL + H Open the browsing history.
CTRL + J Open the download history.
CTRL + D Bookmark the current website or webpage.
CTRL + SHIFT + Del Open the clear browsing data window.
CTRL + P Print the current webpage.
CTRL + S Save the current webpage to your computer.

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