iPhone Data Recovery: Easy Way to Recover Lost Data from iPhone

As smartphone era is coming, mobile phone plays a significant role in our life, not only in daily life but in work time. However, data loss has troubled numerous people. Maybe you have done a wrong operation, or the phone has destroyed by a cup of coffee, which will cause your data loss. And, how to save our data and do the recovery?

For iPhone users, we always can do the recovery from iTunes or iCloud. But there are some problems. To iTunes, you have to spend so much time to do your backup because it has to back up all your data. To iCloud, it limits by its capacity and duration so that maybe you cannot find the data you need. Thus, to be convenient, we will choose some specialized software to finish the data recovery job.

Among many iOS data recovery software, I prefer iPhone Data Recovery. There are many factors attack me to make the decision. In the recovery field, iPhone Data Recovery allows us to choose which types of data to recover. I shouldn’t sit there for 2 hours to wait for the recovery from iTunes anymore. And, iPhone Data Recovery can scan the files you may can’t find it by your iTunes scanning. It has been proved that iPhone Data Recovery owns stronger ability in files scanning and higher success rate in data recovery by fact. iPhone Data Recovery support 18 file types: contacts, messages, photos, videos, call history, voice memo, voicemail, App data and more.

iPhone data recovery software can help iPhone users recover lost data easily

iPhone Data Recovery is a software that can help iPhone users recover lost data like precious photos, sms, contacts, WhatsApp messages and more with ease.

Here is a brief guide to use iPhone Data Recovery to recover your iPhone data:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC

Installing dr.fone toolkit on PC, and connect your iPhone to PC by USB. Then click the button “Data Recovery“.

Tips: Before you running dr.fone, you need to download the newest version of iTunes, and check the item “Prevent iPod, iPhone, and iPad from syncing automatically” from Devices.

Step 2: Scan your lost data

What you have to do just click the button “Recover from iOS Device“, check your needed types of data and wait for its automatic scanning.

iPhone Data Recovery Three Recovery Modes Solutions - Recover Deleted Data from iPhone, Extract Selected Data from iTunes Backup, Recover from iCloud Backup

iPhone Data Recovery Software Three Recovery Modes Solutions – Recover Deleted Data from iOS Device, Extract Selected Data from iTunes Backup, Recover from iCloud Backup.

Step 3: Recover your data from iPhone

Is it easy to operate? Just as it’s operating, the interface of iPhone Data Recovery is the humanization interface. IDR shows little button in homepage so that you can easy to find the function you need. What more, every item depreciate its usage when your cursor hovers over it. It’s really a user-friendly interface.

In addition, its toolkit can satisfy the series command from data backup to recovery. As we all know, the best losses recovery all base on your advanced backup. However, backup often cost much time. But if you use the toolkit of iPhone Data Recovery, you can do your backup selectively. And it provides cheaper component to do the backup for single software such as WhatsApp. All corresponding software fit in among functions can be download in the IDR homepage.

Selectively recovery, the highest success rate of recovery, simple operating, user-friendly interface, convenient and practical toolkit. Above advantages push me into iPhone Data Recovery’s embrace. As a coin has two sides, IDR owns its shortcoming: when you want to deal with a great deal of data, it will take you much time. But the shortcoming appears on other similar products. Although iPhone Data Recovery exists a little bit of shortcoming, comparing with the convenience and stable recovery it brings, iPhone Data Recovery still the best way to do your recovery.

Read more and download iPhone Data Recovery Software at www.recoveryiphone.net/product/iphone-data-recovery.html

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