Hungry Shark World MOD APK Free Download for Android

Searching out for a game which is interesting as well as entertaining? Just opt for the Hungry Shark World and it is perfect for you.

Play The Meg edition of Hungry Shark World

The Meg edition of Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World is now the most popular game on the internet and it is fun and exciting. Moreover, it is the game which can kill some of your time while you are at the traffic or travelling over bus or train. Hungry sharks make your boring time exciting and fun.

Mobile games have seen a revolutionary change with the launch of the Android, iOS, Apple or the other smart devices. Previously it was just basic video games like the snake and ludo, car racing, etc.

But now time has changed and the concept of the gaming has also changed. There are lots of games and among them we have chosen the hungry shark world game for you.

Today this article is all about the sharks and the Hungry Shark World game.

What is this Hungry Shark World game all about?

You will find this hungry shark world game easily on Google Play Store. This is compatible with the Android phone. It is of the same category as the Hungry Shark Evolution game, but this time the Sharks are taking on the entire WORLD!

The entire game is on sharks and you are the shark, the hero. You have to roam about under the sea and would get to eat fishes and discover treasures. Mission and targets are given and the game collects points with those activities. There are many challenges like the jelly fish which can even kill you.

So overall this is a fun game which is addictive too. And you can be that hungry shark totally free of cost. You don’t have to pay a single penny for the game to download on your mobile. As it is free so you will get the mod version of the game on the app store. Get it easily form there.

Beware of the fake

Before we start to tell you about the download and proceed further, beware of the fake and harmful sites. There are many sites where you will get the link of the game but they are packed with virus. So check the website and better to get it through the official website of the game. To get the best way, we are sharing the technical details of the game for you.

Technical details that would help to download the game

  • Name of the application: Hungry Shark World
  • Play Store – Link
  • Size of the file: 115.3 MB
  • Version of the game: V3.0.2
  • Mod Credits – Techylist
  • Operating system required: Android 4.2 and above this.
  • Name of the developer: Ubisoft
  • Game last updated: August 8, 2018.

Feature of the Hungry Shark World game that would make you addictive to it

  • ➢Sharks and sharks, everywhere there is sharks

    Yes, this game is all about sharks and they are hungry too. You will get all over 7 different sizes of sharks that make the game interesting. Slowly you can unlock each of the sharks after fulfilling all mission successfully.

  • ➢Underwater experience

    A huge world to roam about. Besides the mission, you have the chance to have a look into the underwater world and know about it. It is very interesting to roam about freely.

  • ➢Don’t underestimate the enemies

    They are dangerous and so you have to be cautious. Their main aim of the game is to eat and get eaten. So you have to be very fast with your game. Some would help you while some others would kill you and some others would eat you.

  • ➢Graphics makes you fall in love with the game

    Yes the advanced graphics of the latest updated game makes you fall in love. It is advanced and amazing. The 3D makes the game look like real and makes you feel that you are in actual location.

Well, you have to play it to experience all these things. So let’s get the game and start playing.

How to get the game on your mobile:

  • ➢Download the hungry shark world MOD APK file. Remember to check the OBB file in it.
  • ➢Are you having any previous version of the game, and then uninstall it for the latest version.
  • ➢Go to the folder of the MOD hungry shark world APK. Click on it.
  • ➢Install the file. It is same as you do for other apps.
  • ➢After the installation you have to run the app. But don’t open the app icon. It will not run.
  • ➢Go for the OBB file now.
  • ➢Copy the OBB file from the download file to the storage location of your phone.
  • ➢Extract the file and save it in com.ubisoft.hungrysharkworld folder.
  • ➢Click on the game and it will open.
  • ➢Start playing the game.

So it is easy, simple and takes few minutes to do the entire task. If you have done it previously, then it is known to you, same old process. But if you are a new one, then get to have the steps followed. They would not cause any issue in the download.

Getting the unlimited money and gems

Getting the unlimited coins and the gems is also possible with the APK and the OBB file. Both are totally free and it’s very easy to apply. While you download the MOD apk file, you will get the OBB file too. With these two, the entire task would be accomplished. There is nothing extra to do for the unlimited coins and gems. Get all of them in one package.

Final words on the game

So now it is known to you how to get the game and play it. So why are you waiting? Follow the steps and get it done for your phone to have it.

The steps should be followed accurately. In case you find any bugs or error, please share with us. We will be trying to solve the issues. But I hope that you will not get any such issue related to it.

Moreover share with us your experience of playing this wonderful game “Hungry Shark World”. Well, I think you have been addicted to it and so not getting time to let us know!!!


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