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How to Set Up Reddit Ask Me Anything Session

This is something really cool that your readers or followers would want to get in on. It’s called an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on Reddit, where your readers have the opportunity to pose their questions about almost anything related to you and you’ll ...Read More

You Broke Reddit Error Screenshot

Accessing reddit the other day landed me on this weird page that says – This never would have happened under Lisp. It does mean that I’ve broken reddit, but how could I…? All I’ve done is tried to log-in and view my user page. ...Read More

reddit-ize Firefox with Socialite

To enhance the user experience of reddit, the fellow redditor chromakode has made this new add-on called Socialite that integrates the goodness of reddit right into Firefox!The most interesting feature having Socialite installed on your Firefox is to vote on, save and submit stories ...Read More