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9 Interesting WordPress Plugins of 2010

WordPress launches new plugins each day adding to their vast collection that intends to provide effectiveness and flexibility in user operations. The following are the some of the newly added interesting plug-ins available for WordPress blogs among masses. New Simple Gallery is the recent ...Read More

What is WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a service for those who have a WordPress blog, or would like to create a WordPress blog and have their own domain name. With common tools and layouts that WordPress.com users will be familiar with, it is a web platform streamlined ...Read More

WordPress for iPhone OS Version 2.5 Released

The iPhone WordPress version 2.5 is the recently launched version for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The WordPress version 2.5 comes with considerable improvements and aims to attain its users with more flexible features and functions. The WordPress for iPhone OS version 2.5 is ...Read More