Dell Inspiron Zino HD Desktop PC Overview

The new Dell Zino HD, a mini computer from Dell has finally been released in the US and UK markets.
Dell Zino HD mini Desktop computer 10 optional interchangeable Personalize Casing Colors and designs Overview
Dell Zino HD Personalize Casing Colors and Designs
The Dell Inspiron Zino HD is loaded with high tech features and offers its users with immense portability and flexibility by its sleek design and smoother computing environment. This amazing mini desktop computer comprises power computing features and comes in 10 optional interchangeable color and design.

Apple iMac - Style Redefined

Apple computers have recently launched the new Apple iMac, the all-in-one desktop computer loaded with splendid features and newly induced advanced technology.
Apple iMac all-in-one desktop computer loaded with splendid features for flexible computing
Apple iMac all-in-one desktop computer
The Apple iMac is more than just a regular desktop, with its high features and functionalities it provides the users with an ultimate all in one solution for flexible computing.

Sony Vaio FW53 - The New Sony FW Series Notebook

Enjoy the real wide screen experience with the new stunning Sony Vaio FW53, a Sony FW series notebook loaded with high technology and quality design.
Sony Vaio FW53_A Sony FW-Series Notebook PC-Front view
Sony Vaio FW53 Notebook PC
Enjoy high quality movies and videos with vibrant clarity on the 41.6 cms display screen with LCD panel featuring a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels and wide aspect ratio of 16:9. The Sony Vaio FW53 comes with a stylish black colored design with refined interiors.

T-Mobile Tap - The New Tap Touch Phone

T-Mobile has made a striking comeback in the market by introducing new Tap touch cell phone. T-Mobile Tap is a sleek touch screen high featured phone that is perfect for those looking for an affordable mid-range handset. T-Mobile Tap - The New Tap Touch cell Phone_first Huawei phone for the T-Mobile It is the first Huawei phone for the T-Mobile. This amazing phone is 106.7 x 55.9 x 12.7 mm in dimension and weights 104.9 grams that makes the phone portable to carry.

How to Connect Old Analog Video Devices to the Latest USB 2.0 Support PCs

Things never get old and you cant leave them abandon as you may need them at any stage. At-least in emergency when your dearest latest gadgets stop accompanying you due to sudden failure or damage. In such cases you are left with no other option other than reaching your old analog devices - a handycam, a cd player, a old digicam or any other Analog Video device. But the only problem with all these analog devices is their inability to synchronize with your latest USB 2.0 or Firewire pin enabled Personal Computers.

BenQ introduces ULV Joybook S35 and S43

BenQ, world's leading digital network devices brand has made a new buzz in the market by introducing ULV (Ultra-Low Voltage) notebooks.
BenQ ULV Joybook S43 front_side_overviewBenQ ULV Joybook
The BenQ Joybook S35 and Joybook S43 features 13.3-inch and 14-inch display respectively along with LED display that offers the user wide-screen aspect ratio of 16:9. The BenQ Joybook S35 weights 1.5 kg while Joybook S43 weights 2.1 kg. These new Ultra-Low Voltage notebook has been specially designed for mobile computing ideal for businessman and internet enthusiasts.

Fujitsu LifeBook U820 Mini-Notebook

The Fujitsu LifeBook U820 Mini-Notebook has lightened up the US and international markets ever since its release, the main reason behind the success being the high-tech features and flexible functionalities offered by the notebook.
Fujitsu LifeBook U820 Mini Notebook
Fujitsu LifeBook U820 Mini-Notebook
This new amazing tablet notebook PC from Fujitsu offers users with whole new computing solutions and high programming environment for processing the applications.

Sony Vaio NW28 Notebook

Sony has recently updated their NW series with an addition of a new notebook, the Sony Vaio NW28. The Sony Vaio NW28 lives up to the NW series mark by providing the users with comfortable and flexible functions and user-friendly operations. The notebook comes with a natural texture and two-tone finish design which makes it look more elegant and sturdy.

Nokia CDMA cell phones - The 6316s, 3806 and 1506 Features Specs

The cell phone giant Nokia have recently come up with three new CDMA additions to their cell phone family, the 6316s, 3806 and 1506. With the launch of these cell phones Nokia has expanded its CDMA handset range in China and other far eastern countries.

Fujitsu F-08A - the new waterproof phone from Fujitsu

The electronic giants Fujitsu have recently launched a new waterproof cell phone in their DOCOMO Style series family, the Fujitsu F-08A. When it comes to waterproof electronics Fujitsu tops the charts as prior to the Fujitsu F-08A they had already launched a thin water proof cell phone with one segment TV viewer.Fujitsu F-08A waterproof phone
Moving back, the Fujitsu F-08A is loaded with high fledged features and advanced technology which makes the phone handy and flexible to operate.

Asus nuvifone M20

The new Asus nuvifone M20, an amazing fully featured high tech phone from Asus. The phone was made available in the market from September 09 and with high end features and flexibility it managed to attract a lot of people.Asus-nuvifone-M20-colors-blue_black_green_red
The high soothing features and interactive interface forms the back bone of the phone. The Asus nuvifone M20 features an innovative design with sleek body which makes the phone handy and portable.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness

Having introduced a variety of highly acclaimed and stylish phones, Sony Ericsson makes a bold step in designing with yet another innovative aesthetic concept, transparency fully fledged cell phone the new Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness, a unique multimedia phone with high tech features and user interactive interface and a see-through display.Sony-Ericsson-xperia-pureness-see-through display mobile phone
The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness comes with 3G technology that provides the users with wide range of various services like video calls, video streaming and faster internet downloads.

Vodafone 360 H1 overview

Vodafone has recently launched a new cell phone in their huge family, the Vodafone 360 H1. This amazing phone is loaded with blazing new features and high technology that provides an excellent computing environment for the users.
Vodafone 360 H1 mobile phone overviewThe phone features an interactive touch display screen having size 3.5 inches and resolution of 800 x 480 pixels with 16m colors for high clarity in display. The phone also features a 3D user interface that makes that makes it easy for the users to navigate thought their favorite functions.

Philips Xenium X501 Key Features and Specs

The Technical and Electronic Giants 'Philips' has recently announced a new cell phone the Philips Xenium X501. The phone features high user interactive features and offers the users with extensive flexibility in use. philips Xenium x501 overview
The phone was announced in September and is expected to hit the markets by the end of 2009.

FSP NB S90 Universal Notebook Adapter

To lung around all the time with the same battery adapter can be quite painful at times. There may be several reasons why you want to change your adapters some of the common reasons being long running wires, importability or improper functioning of the current one. But buying a new replacement might be expensive; this is where you can option for the FSP NB S90 Universal Notebook Adapter.FSP NB S90 Universal Notebook AdapterThe FSP NB S90 Universal Notebook Adapter is availed at affordable prices and offer great compatibility for wide range of notebooks.

Adamo XPS Notebook - the amazing ultra thin notebook from Dell

Dell has created a new buzz in the market by introducing the Adamo brand, Dell’s thinnest range of laptop PC. The Adamo XPS notebook is just 0.4 inch thick with its dimensions measuring 0.38-0.41" x 13.39" x 10.78" yet it offers extreme durability and many high tech features.
Adamo XPS ultra thin notebook

LG KM555E - The New Touch Screen GSM Quad-band Phone

LG introduces a unique cell phone in their wide range of mobile phones, the new LG KM555E.This new touch screen quad band GSM phone is fully loaded with astounding features and high technical specification with soaring user interface for providing users with smoother mobile computing. The highlighting feature of this amazing mobile is its 3 inches wide screen with display resolution of 240 x 400 pixels and 256k colors.

Sony Vaio VGN Z58 - Amazing blend of style and technology

Sony computers have launched a new notebook in their Z series, the Sony Vaio VGN Z58. Loaded with stunning high features the notebook comes with an amazing blend of style and technology. This absolute stunner from Sony features a Carbon finished robust interiors which make the notebook quite eye catchy and striking.

Sony Vaio VCPX113KG - The new Zero sized X series ultraportable laptop

Sony computers have recently launched another innovative laptop in their Zero sized X series of laptops, the Sony VCP-X113KG. loaded with innovative features and high unique craftsmanship design, this amazing ultraportable laptop from Sony provides the users with highly interactive user interface and smoother environment for mobile computing.
Sony Vaio VCPX113KG-The new Zero sized X series ultraportable laptop
Sony Vaio VCPX113KG

Sony Ericsson Jalou Overview

Sony has recently introduced the Sony Ericsson Jalou, an amazing cell phone with high computing capabilities and stylish innovative design. The phone is also alternatively known as Sony Ericsson Bijou. Sony Ericsson Jalou Bijou alternatively known as Sony Ericsson Bijou Review
The phone features flexible and interactive features which makes it quite a user friendly phone.

Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica

Samsung electronics have recently announced a new high featured touch screen cell phone, Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica.Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica black
Loaded with latest generation technology and stylish design the Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica is a complete package of entertainment and high technology for its users.

Sony Vaio SR56 - A stylish & hi-tech statement from Sony

Sony has recently launched a new laptop in their best selling SR series of laptops, the Sony Vaio SR56. This amazing laptop retains the family name as it’s loaded with high tech user interactive functionalities and wonderful features.
Sony Vaio SR56 laptop
The laptop is a pure blend of technology and performance with high valued additional features and Windows 7 Operating System.

Sony Vaio VCP-X117LG – the ultraportable generation is back

Sony has made yet another slim and stylish statement by introducing a new ultra slim, ultra portable notebook in their X series, the Sony Vaio VCPX117LG.
Sony Vaio VCPX117LG front view
Sony Vaio VCPX117LG
This amazing notebook is a symbol of strong and well structured craftsmanship from Sony. This thin ultraportable PC from Sony features an elegant blend of stylish design and high technical capabilities which provides the users with high user interactive grounds for computing.

Google Maps Mobile beta unleashed

Google Maps Mobile were not totally fool proof coz many a times it happened that people who were relying for directions ended up in unknown locations. Just getting the directions was inconvenient especially while driving as you cannot see them virtually when you’re on the drive. Well, all this is however is the past, thanks to the new beta version of Google Maps Mobile. The new beta version of Maps Navigation has numerous improved features and fixtures of bugs.

Google Maps Mobile beta overview The new updated version of Google Maps Navigation beta is available free for download and it is pre-installed on all the Android 2.0 devices.

Opera Mobile 10 beta released for download

When it comes to Smartphone browsers many of us instantly think of the Opera Mobile Browsers and that's obvious as the Opera browsers are renowned for their high flexibility and secure interface for browsing. For all the Opera and Smartphone users out there, the good news is that Opera has recently launched a new updated version- the Opera Mobile 10 beta for Nokia Series 60 Smartphone.
Opera Mobile 10 beta browser for Nokia series 60 Smartphone released
This newly improved and high featured version comes with numerous features and fixtures. The version is available for free download for both 3rd and 5th edition Series 60 devices.

Samsung S5560 Overview

Samsung has recently launched a new cell phone in their S series, the Samsung S5560. This amazing cell phone from Samsung Electronics is loaded with high technical features with elegant bold design.Samsung S5560 overviewSamsung S5560 comes with a 3.0 inches TFT touch resistive display screen with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels and 256k a color that offers a high crisp clear display. The phone also features an accelerometer sensor and TouchWiz UI.

Philips V808 - the new Android powered touchscreen phone

Philips electronics have hit the market again with their latest high tech stylish cell phone, the Philips V808. The cell phone provides the users with stunning features and enhanced capabilities for a user interactive computing environment.Philips V808 touch screen mobile phone
The Philips V808 features a 3.2 inches touch screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and has 256k colors which provides the users with high display clarity. With the latest in built accelerometer sensor the phone auto rotates the position of the screen according to its position.