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Why Every Company Needs Incident Management Software

Incidents in the workplace can range in severity and contexts, but they all need to be captured, tracked and analyzed to proactively control risks. This can only be achieved using incident management tool. The tool is a software that facilitates the capture of comprehensive ...Read More

How Software Has Affected Adverse Event Reporting

Software can be an invaluable tool for adverse event reporting. It is common for everybody to take medicines. However, some of us may read the label of the product and recognize potential side effects, but few of us will tell our producers our experience. ...Read More

Becoming a Software Engineer 2019 Trends

A software engineer is one of the most coveted job roles in recent years. The rise in technology has created a high demand for qualified software engineers. However, the industry is broad, and the demands for specific skill sets can shift in a short ...Read More

Application Development Competency for .Net

Microsoft’s .NET Framework is widely popular and there is no doubt about that. One of the top reasons behind the popularity is that C# is gaining is one of the most used programming languages. And even when it comes to building PC applications .NET ...Read More