Monthly Archive:: November 2012

Tips for Safe Secure Browsing

Safe secure browsing is very easy to do when you follow some safe internet browsing tips and safe browsing practices. Whatever browser is being used for web browsing, it is necessary to practice safe browsing habits which will make the web browsing more efficient ...Read More

Best Health and Fitness Android Apps

The Smartphone you have is not only for phone calls, web search and social networking but also for health and fitness training. It is like a family doctor that teaches health precautions and works as a scanner monitoring your body. To say in one ...Read More

A Note on Facebook and Cyberstalking

Are you a Facebook stalker? Honestly, you probably are. Most Americans spend more than two hours per week on Facebook, and much of this time is spent checking out their crushes, exes, and rivals on the social media service. A “stalker” is defined as ...Read More