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Expand Any Acronym, Abbreviation or Intialism

If you ever wanna know what the abbreviated forms like MBBS, CAD, COBOL etc stands for, then you have to visit one of the best acronym finder online which is acronymfinder itself. It is considered as the worlds largest acronym, abbreviation or initialisms dictionary ...Read More

Is Your Password Secure?

For all the netizens out there password is just as important as passport. But are you using that password securely? These are the few tips to protect your password and making it far secure from being hacked. Keep Your Password Away from Guessing A ...Read More

Phantom Omni Haptic Device

Blind people or those having poor eye sight cannot learn alphabet as easily as others do by copy writing. For those guys someone has to make them write and with the movement of the hand they can learn. This herculean task is now made ...Read More