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Top 5 Fitness Apps for Moms to Stay in Good Shape

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Moms are among the busiest people in the world. This makes maintaining life and work balance extra challenging for them. For most moms, finding the time to do an exercise regime or go to the gym is next to impossible. Thankfully, there are fitness apps that are handy in this situation. Top 5 fitness apps …

Duplicate Photos Fixer App Review – Find and Delete Duplicate Photos

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Duplicate photo files share the largest part of total duplicate files on any of your device including your computer. These identical photo files accumulate over time in large numbers due to various reasons like photo sharing, downloading, data backup and keeping multiple copies of same picture. These pictures occupy MBs and GBs of data storage …

How to Merge PDF files on iOS and Android Devices

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Today we are overwhelmed with different information usually locked in PDF files. At first, they seem properly organized by topics or purpose, but what happens when we need to unite them in one place to get profound insights or simply to create a unique document that contains all necessary data? That’s often the case with …