Monthly Archive:: July 2014

The Best Free Backup Software

There is a smart backup tool for Microsoft Windows named ‘SyncBackFree’. After installing this tool, we have to set the backup location for scheduled backups. Then onwards, it will do backup of data automatically, synchronize and also provides easy options to restore backup files. ...Read More

App Manager 3 and SD-Booster Android Apps

New Mobiles are attracting all people’s attention increasing the size of the screen. We need not say particularly about Android Smartphone that is appearing day by day as a new platform changing its versions. Are we having Android mobile in hand? Are all the ...Read More

Play School Driving 3D on Android and iOS

Are you one among those who wants to learn the road rules and car driving on holidays? So, learn how to drive heavy vehicles like buses, trucks and also cars making the android mobile screen as steering. For that there is a realistic simulator ...Read More