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Best Free Apps

Do you know the best free apps? Find here the best free apps to download. Apps include Android Apps, iPhone Apps, Browser Apps, Facebook Apps, Web Apps, WhatsApp and other best free apps you must have.

PDF to Word Converter App – New Update and New Features

PDF to Word Converter App by Cometdocs

In this era of digital technology, document management has become significantly faster and easier. Given that files are digitized in an electronic form, they can be manipulated without difficulty. In other words, editing, creating new documents, merging files, changing the file format and other things has become a child’s play, whether on a desktop computer …

MultCloud 4.2 Improved Share Function is Very Useful

MultCloud - Put multiple cloud drives into one. Free App for Managing Files and Transferring Files across Cloud Drives

The well-known multiple clouds manager MultCloud has been updated to 4.2. We reviewed its 3.8 and earlier versions MultCloud 3.6 and MultCloud 3.0 before. Since 4.0 of MultCloud, its functions changed a lot. Now let’s see what changes it has. What’s New in MultCloud 4.2? MultCloud supported clouds are 28 now, the new added three …

How to Merge PDF files on iOS and Android Devices

PDF Merge Android App Screenshot

Today we are overwhelmed with different information usually locked in PDF files. At first, they seem properly organized by topics or purpose, but what happens when we need to unite them in one place to get profound insights or simply to create a unique document that contains all necessary data? That’s often the case with …

Duplicate Files Fixer – Recover Storage Space in Seconds!

Duplicate Files Fixer logo

The modern tech revolution has spread its wings astonishingly. So much, that you now see smartphones in the hands of 10-year-olds instead of football or video games. In today’s world mobile phones have become our necessity as well as luxury. This has consequently raised the demand for huge storage space and new features. How to …