Monthly Archive:: September 2011

Play CityVille on Google+ Games

CityVille comes as a new addition to the exciting list of games playable on Google’s latest social product – Google+. Developed by Zynga, CityVille currently is the most popular game played on facebook with well over 70 million monthly active users and people playing ...Read More

Google Search Basic Tips and Tricks

A Search Engine is an program designed to search for information on the World Wide Web that lets users to specify search words or queries and then it retrieves documents or pages on the web that matches to the words entered. The search results ...Read More

Embed Image Technology for Image Owners

With the increasing number of splogs and fake blogs that usually take away original images and republish it on their own website, it’s getting difficult these days for Image Owners to benefit from their work. Like it or not this image piracy problem is ...Read More

9 Interesting WordPress Plugins of 2010

WordPress launches new plugins each day adding to their vast collection that intends to provide effectiveness and flexibility in user operations. The following are the some of the newly added interesting plug-ins available for WordPress blogs among masses. New Simple Gallery is the recent ...Read More