Monthly Archive:: May 2009

Ali iPhone App Available Now!

“Ali’s Greatest Jabs” is the latest buzz at the Apple iTunes App Store. It is the first official iPhone App of Muhammad Ali, The Greatest of All Time. With this Greatest App of All Time –> Get access to exclusive products from Muhammad Ali’s ...Read More

Email ids of Nigerian Scammers

Beware of “Nigerian Scam” type emails which are being spread over the internet to trap innocent people. The bottom line of these type of emails is to offer you large sums of money, usually in millions of dollars in return for a smaller fee. ...Read More

Block viruses from entering your USB drive

USB drives are the most popular virus carriers these days. Here is the simple yet powerful command prompt trick with which you can create a dummy file that can block any incoming virus to your Pen drive. 1. Note down the free space in ...Read More