Email ids of Nigerian Scammers

Beware of “Nigerian Scam” type emails which are being spread over the internet to trap innocent people. The bottom line of these type of emails is to offer you large sums of money, usually in millions of dollars in return for a smaller fee.

Few months back, when I have received such an email from one of the scammer, I showed some interest in what he has to say and replied him giving some of my details to win his trust so that I can investigate his details. All I could find out is the scammer having an account in ICICI bank, to which he wanted me to transfer some money in order to win the jackpot. That interaction also led to the successful entry of my email id in their database due to which I have been getting such type of emails hit my Inbox often.
Here is the list of Email ids of some of the scammers you should be aware of:
–> “yusuf ahmed” [[email protected]]
private email: [email protected]
–> “Garang” [[email protected]]
–> “Brown Morgan” [[email protected]]
–> “Mr.pinkettgriffin” [[email protected]]
–> “Ralli Arkidy” [[email protected]]
–> “mary William” [[email protected]]
–> “ABDAL FATTAH” [[email protected]],[[email protected]]
–> “OVERSEA STAKE LOTTO” [[email protected]],
[[email protected]]
–> “Ibrahim Adama” [[email protected]]
–> “Online News” [[email protected]]
–> “[email protected]” [[email protected]]
–> “buka naam” [[email protected]]
–> “OMAR AHMED” [[email protected]]
–> “malik sulaiman” [[email protected]]
–> “pissa akaba” [[email protected]]
–> “Raheem Bin” [[email protected]],[[email protected]],[[email protected]]
–> “ahmed tutu” [[email protected]],[[email protected]]
–> “MR HONG ACHAI” [[email protected]]
–> “Rafael Alfonso Rubiano M.” [[email protected]]
–> “Mr.Dave Walker” [[email protected]]
–> “nikolay sintsov” [[email protected]]
–> “[email protected]” [[email protected]]
–> “Mr.Egor Fillipenko” [[email protected]]
–> “usman abu” [[email protected]]
–> “Mr.Phil Herald” [[email protected]]
–> “DIPLOMAT STEVE BEKO” [[email protected]]
–> “salifu ahmed” [[email protected]], [[email protected]]
–> “cynthia abdul” [[email protected]]
–> “Mr.Dioup.Al Moraree” [[email protected]]
–> “Tama Salif” [[email protected]],[[email protected]]
–> “ego kadima” [[email protected]]
–> “Rose MCvay” [[email protected]]
–> “musa garuba” [[email protected]]
–> “BLAISE MUHAMMAD” [[email protected]]
–> “Richard Agese” [[email protected]]
–> “Mrs Naomi Solomon” [[email protected]]
–> “Mr. mark willy” [[email protected]]
–> “suluman yussof” [[email protected]]
–> “F.JOHNSON ADAM” [[email protected]]
–> “Mr Ibrahim” [[email protected]]
–> “IMPERIO SEGUROS S.A” [[email protected]]
–> “Dr.Pol Stewart” [[email protected]]
–> “Tuoga Hazem” [[email protected]]
–> “usma bello” [[email protected]]
–> “DR RHAMA APAMS” [[email protected]]
–> “kelly toma” [[email protected]]
–> “mrbarba clark” [[email protected]]
–> “mr_isaac_caleb20” [[email protected]]
–> “m y” [[email protected]]
–> “Mr.Mark Williams” [[email protected]]
–> “Mr Thomas Harper” [[email protected]]
–> “SIEMENS AWARD” [[email protected]]
–> “Daniels And Daniels Law Firm” [[email protected]]
–> “MR OKADIMA DICK” [[email protected]]
–> “Mrs PAULINE DOUGLAS” [[email protected]]
–> “chong. Lim” [[email protected]]
–> “Mr Mike Abrahim” [[email protected]]
–> “Mr. James Williams” [[email protected]]
–> “SULEMAN IBRAHIM” [[email protected]],[[email protected]]
–> “Mr.SANI MOUSA” [[email protected]],[[email protected]]
–> “sani mandiouf” [[email protected]]
–> [email protected]
–> [email protected]

If you also get these type of emails, don’t delete them straight away. Instead you take a note of the email id of the sending member and post it here in the comments section. This will help in creating awareness among others.

Together we can fight against these scammers out there.

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