Monthly Archive:: May 2010

Partition and Covering on Set A

Partition on Set A It is defined to be a set of non-empty subsets Ai, which are pairwise disjoint as there is no intersection and whose union yields to original set A. This means that the two condition that are to be satisfied are: ...Read More

Properties of Crisp Sets

Set Theory and Sets are one of the fundamental and widely present concepts in mathematics. A Crisp Setor simple a Set is a well-defined collection of distinct objects where each object is considered in its own right. Here are the 11 main properties/laws of ...Read More

Addition Theorem on Probability

For any two event A, B the Probability of A union B equals to probability of A added to probability of B minus probability of A intersection B. P (A∪B) = P(A) + P(B) – P(A∩B) Proof :- Suppose, the simple events in A∩B ...Read More