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Hotels: A Top Culprit for Identity Theft

Identity theft can happen anywhere; the local grocery store, at home or online. However a major culprit for identity theft just so happens to be hotels. Hotels provide criminals a safe haven and many opportunities to steal anyone’s identity. It is vital that travelers ...Read More

Smartphones and Google Glass Replacing Cameras

We use camera or smartphone to take great looking pictures or record videos. In fact these days best Smartphones are replacing DSLR cameras for shooting great pictures and videos. This is evident from the experiment conducted by photographer and author Amadou Diallo for a ...Read More

iPad with Retina Display Began the Tablet Revolution

iPad with Retina display which was first released on November 2, 2012 began the new Tablet revolution and bundled with some more attractions it enticed the Apple lovers. Nearly 375,000 apps can be used in this new iPad with Retina Display. The internal storage ...Read More