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Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader Features Overview

The Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader designed especially for ebook lovers around the world can be considered as the world’s most advanced ebook reader that even outsmarts Amazon Kindle and Sony eBook Reader. With the Nook eBook Reader you could have the knowledge ...Read More

How-to Disable Autoplay Feature in Windows XP

Autoplay feature in Windows XP is enabled by default to simplify the use of peripheral devices such as MP3 players, memory cards, USB storage devices and other removable devices by automatically launching the appropriate application installed on your PC to access the media files ...Read More

Crisp Sets Explained

A set is a well defined collection of objects. Here the word well defined means the object either belongs to or doesn’t belongs to the set. Observe the crispness in the example definitions below: A = { Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome } B = ...Read More