Monthly Archive:: July 2010

Properties of Fuzzy Sets

Fuzzy sets are defined as sets that contain elements having varying degrees of membership values. Given A and B are two fuzzy sets, here are the main properties of those fuzzy sets: Commutativity :- (A ∪ B) = (B ∪ A) (A ∩ B) ...Read More

Define Fuzzy Sets

Fuzzy set is a set containing the elements that have varying degree of membership. Fuzzy sets support a flexible sense of membership values of elements of a set. The membership function μA(x) is associated with a fuzzy set A, such that the membership function ...Read More

Mapping of Classical Sets to Functions

Mapping is an important concept in relating the elements or subsets of one universal set to elements or sets in another universe of discourse. If X and Y are two different universal sets, and if element x is contained in ‘X’ corresponds to an ...Read More

The Benefits And Risks Of Blogging About Your Job

Not every business maintains a blog, but a growing number of its employees do and the last few years have highlighted the risk associated with mixing your personal opinions with your day job.In 2008 the anonymous blogger “Troll Tracker” – who ran a blog ...Read More