Monthly Archive:: July 2010

What is Bayes Theorem

Originally stated by the Reverend Thomas Bayes, this Bayes’ Theorem falls under probability theory and according to it, if E1, E2, E2, ……….,En are mutually exclusive and exhaustive events and A is any event then Proof :- Since E1, E2, E2, ……….,En are pairwise ...Read More

What is a Power Factor Meter

Power Factor Meter The power factor meter gives the power factor (p.f) angles which is nothing but the phase angles between the voltage and the current vectors and its scale is calibrated directly in terms of cosΦ. The construction of p.f meter is of ...Read More

Characteristics of Capacitance Pickup

Capacitance Pickup:- Capacitance Pickup is a transducer that converts angular displacement into electrical signal. It consists of ganged capacitance and is based on the principle of variation of effective area of conductors, when other parameters such as separation, distance and dielectric strength being kept ...Read More

What is Hardware and Software

Hardware deals with the physically existing parts of a computer which we can touch and feel. Whereas software is the set of instructions given to a computer which we can see and feel. Software is divided into 4 parts namely: Operating System Language Package ...Read More