Monthly Archive:: December 2010

What is FoxPro?

A DBMS (Database Management System) is a set of tools that help in managing information stored in a database. FoxPro is a Relational Database Management System. The term relational means a relationship can be established between multiple table of a related data, where a ...Read More

Powwownow – World’s Most Innovative iPhone App

The conference call has come a long way from its corporate beginnings. Now widely accessible to anyone who needs it, the conference call is even available on the iPhone, but things could soon change with the creation of the world’s most innovative iPhone app. ...Read More

What is Fuzzy Set Theory?

Problems in the real world turn out to be quite complex, due to uncertainty in the parameters that define the problem and due to uncertainty in the situations in which that particular problem occurs. Probability theory is an age old theory, which excellently handles ...Read More