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6 Essential iPad Apps for Business Presentations

As tablets become more popular, more and more business people are taking advantage of their durability and the convenience of carrying tablets instead of laptops to work. Naturally, tablet makers are realizing their worth in a business setting and are creating more and more ...Read More

Best Search Engines for Children

Search Engine is basically a tool which provides the facility to search for information on the World Wide Web, based on some keywords typed. The Search Engine Result Page (SERP) will list out all the web pages where that keywords were found with the ...Read More

Fan with No Blades @Dyson Air Multiplier Fan

Blades are must-haves whether it is a ceiling fan or table fan, but the all new – Dyson Air Multiplier Fan has no blades whatsoever and can produce an uninterrupted stream of smooth air. No fast-spinning blades means no more unpleasant buffeting caused by ...Read More