Fan with No Blades @Dyson Air Multiplier Fan

Blades are must-haves whether it is a ceiling fan or table fan, but the all new – Dyson Air Multiplier Fan has no blades whatsoever and can produce an uninterrupted stream of smooth air. No fast-spinning blades means no more unpleasant buffeting caused by airflow disconnection and moreover it is safe and easy to clean when compared to conventional fans.

conventional fan blades chopping air to cause buffeting          Dyson-Air-Multiplier-Fan-no-blades-no-buffeting
Fan blades chopping air  |  ‘Dyson Air Multiplier Fan’ Smooth Airflow

Dyson Air Multiplier Fan uses Air Multiplier technology that accelerates the surrounding air through an annular aperture and passes it over a 16° Airfoil-Shaped Ramp that channels airflow direction towards the user.

Dyson Air Multiplier Technology

Through the processes known as inducement and entrainment it draws the air from behind and around the annular aperture into the airflow amplifying it 15 times and thus producing a buffeting free smooth airflow.

Dyson Air Multiplier Fans are priced at around $300 and you can buy them online from Dyson online store for free shipping.

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