Monthly Archive:: December 2008

How to Discover Ancient Rome in Google Earth

First of all thanks to Google Earth and a host of other collaborators for making ‘Rome Reborn’ which is said to be the first digital re-creation of ancient Rome available to all. All you need is Google Earth installed on your PC to discover ...Read More

What is Visual Basic (VB) 6.0

Visual Basic 6.0 is one of the three products of Microsoft Visual Studios 6.0 where the other two being Visual C++ and Visual FoxPro. Visual Basic supports both the features of language as well as package. Visual Basic introduced unheard of ease to Windows ...Read More

How-to Connect Your Computer to Your TV

You don’t need to have an expansive media PC to have a great digital home experience.You can connect any home computer to your TV very simply and cheaply and I am gonna show you how to do it. There are two things that we ...Read More

Orkut Users Beware

According to the Websense Security Labs, dangerous ‘Malicious Trojan Virus’ is rambling in orkut social networking. They have called for an attention from all orkut users regarding this virus and provided some safety measures to prevent it from creeping into your profile. This virus ...Read More