Basic CPU Configuration – ALU, MDR, CU, IR, MAR, Accumulator, Program Counter

Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) performs all arithmetic and logical operations on the data in which the necessary data is being supplied by the accumulator and other registers. Read More

Memory Data Register (MDR) acts as buffer between CPU and main memory. Register unit stores intermediate data used during the execution of the program. Read More

Control Unit (CU) supervises the transfer of information among the registers and the ALU and has to tell which operation has to be performed. Control units are responsible for fetching instructions, decoding the OPCODEs and providing control signals for all CPU actions. It controls all the internal operations of the CPU and decides which work is to be performed by each unit. Read More

Accumulator plays an important role being used to store an input or output operand during execution of the instructions. Operand is the data to be operated by the computer.Read More

Program Counter is used to store the address of the next instruction which is to be executed. Read More

Instructions Register (IR) is used to hold the OPCODE of the current instruction. OPCODE specifies the given task to be performed by the computer. Read More

Memory Address Register (MAR) is used to store the address field of the current instruction or the data to be fetched to the CPU. Read More

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