Monthly Archive:: November 2010

5 Basic Differences Between MS-DOS and MS-Windows

Disk Operating System abbreviated as DOS is a product of Microsoft Corporation released in 1981 and it comes as part-and-parcel with Microsoft Windows operating system. To get to DOS prompt and give commands for performing tasks on files and directories, Click Start > Run… ...Read More

What is Poisson Distribution

Just like Binomial Distribution, Poisson Distribution is also a random variable distribution. We apply Poisson distribution in any one of the following cases: n, the number of times that the experiment is conducted is sufficiently large. Occurrence of success is rare. Occurrence of success ...Read More

What is Phantom Loading

Phantom Loading When a energy meter is designed for high current loads, it is uneconomical to arrange such loads for testing purposes as it involves a considerable waste of time and power. To avoid this problem “phantom” or “fictitious” loading is done. In phantom ...Read More

Importance of English Language Communication

English is a language which is important, useful and helpful for every citizen in today’s world. By learning English language, we can develop four important skills like: Listening Speaking Reading Writing Knowledge of English is important as we can get to know how to ...Read More