Orkut Users Beware

According to the Websense Security Labs, dangerous ‘Malicious Trojan Virus’ is rambling in orkut social networking. They have called for an attention from all orkut users regarding this virus and provided some safety measures to prevent it from creeping into your profile.

This virus may reach your profile as a scrap or mostly as a message providing links that connect to seeking love or adult stuff or quick money making schemes or any others such sought of messages that draw your attention to click on them.

The message sometimes contains several links that appear to lead to the official Orkut Website. Clicking on a link actually leads to a malicious executable file, which is a Trojan Downloader named “imagem.exe”. The malicious file opens the legitimate Orkut network login page, and in the background downloads a password stealing Trojan named “msn.exe” and its get copied to various system locations, using different names: “plugin.exe”, “kss.exe.” These copies are bound to the system’s start up.

So Beware and think twice before clicking on any links or scripts coming to you which you feel are not concerned to you or when you don’t know the identity of the sender.

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