Speak Asia Online Get Paid for Surveys Legit or Scam


Speak Asia Logo Speak Asia Online is an online survey business that’s making buzz in India these days for rewarding its registered users just for participating in simple online surveys. Speak Asia has spread in India so much that now it has franchisees in almost all Indian cities and it’s also being reputed as Asia’s largest market research and survey group.

Here’s their promotional advertisement telecasted in national TV channel – Imagine TV


Singapore based ‘Speak Asia Online’ has been running survey service for over 3 years now (citation needed) and started its online survey business in India on 2010 February. Since then it has been attracting users torrentially and it is believed to have more than a million registered members in India already.


Register and log-in to your account at speakasiaonline.com and earn reward points participating in surveys, study of ezines etc., which can then be redeemed for buying products or transferring money to your back account.

Legit or Scam?

Well, here’s the tough question the answer of which may sound heart-breaking for those million+ users registered with Speak Asia investing their hard earned money. But truth be told as truth alone triumphs. The truth is there is no easy way of earning money online. The creative challenge is to tussle and work a lot to make huge money on the internet. All the money making sites that lure you by telling that you can absolutely earn big money spending few hours a week or with a little effort are nothing but scams for the jerk. Speak Asia Online is no exception, it must be a well planned SCAM to fraud poor fools out of their money.

Want Reasons and More?

Read some more @labnol.org where Amit Agarwal has done quite a lot of research on this fraudulent survey scheme and given solid reasons to support that ‘Speak Asia Online’ is a scam. Check out the article published by the top technology blogger Amit Agarwal on his “Digital Inspiration” blog titled “Speak Asia – An Online Scam That Could Affect a Million People in India”

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