Free Antivirus Software with Low CPU Usage and System Memory Usage

Troubled with your antivirus software taking high CPU and memory usage resulting in a slow PC? Here’s the solution. Use any of the most efficient free antivirus software mentioned below which not only have low CPU usage and system memory usage but they’re also very good in performance and protect your system real-time from viruses & worms, spyware, rootkit and other unwanted malicious software.

I personally tried all 3 of these free antivirus programs and ranking them with the lightest antivirus listed first, then the second best and then the third.

#1. avast! Free Antivirus

Avast’s usage of system resources both %CPU usage and system memory usage is by far the lowest when compared to others making it the lightest free antivirus available now.

#2. Microsoft Security Essentials

#3. AVG AntiVirus FREE

What’s next? Check out this excellent post from Raymond.CC comparing memory usages of various popular antivirus software for finding the most efficient lightest antivirus and ranking them accordingly.

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